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.:Gift:. Ambunny
Well when I saw your updated character I just had to draw it lol
This came to mind right away when I saw it~
Hope you like it :iconambunny: !

Character (c) Ambunny
Art (c) Z3rn4rius
Idk Head Shot
Just a drawing of what I saw in the rug while staring at it when I was bored xD
I added color because why not lol

Art (c) Z3rn4rius
Mothers Day
So this is what I'm planning on giving my mom for Mother's Day x'D
She thinks she's gonna get the usual drawing of her singing but NOPE!
She's getting people pole dancing this year cause I got bored of drawing her singing and just
really wanna see her reaction to this gift x3

I know I posted this before Mother's Day but I'm just too excited to give it to her for Mother's Day
that I just need to show you guys it >~<

All (c) Z3rn4rius

Your Own Cinderella
So this was a challenge a friend gave to me.
That was to draw Alyssa, Mabel, and Chelsea in the dresses they chose along with the hair styles.
Then the told me the theme is 'Your Own Cinderella' so I instantly thought ballroom setting!
With them mingling or dancing~! 
I'm pretty happy with how this came out.
This took over 16 hours to make oAo;
Anyways tell me what you guys think~! Also if any of you end up drawing something
for the theme of this drawing because you saw it and it inspired you to make a drawing based on the theme
I'd love to see it! <3

Alyssa, Mabel, Chelsea, and Art (c) Z3rn4rius

sorry I don't have links o the dress references ;A;
Happy Easter!
I know it's a little late but happy Easter everyone!
Haven't made a traditional piece in awhile hope you guys like it ouo
Also hope you like Mabel's Easter dress a friend picked it out for me~

All (c) Z3rn4rius
So I feel in the mood to make OC's, but since I have so many already. I thought why not make some for people.
Although they are gonna be more like surprises. Anyway, it'll be first come first serve. I'm not expecting many people to want one
so I'm only gonna make 5 slots.
If you want to try for one here's what I'll need.

Personality: (at least 3-5 traits)
Furry,Human, or a mimi (ex. kitsunemimi, nekomimi, etc. ): (just specify with furry, human, or mimi the rest will be a surprise unless you really
want it to be a certain animal)
A Short Backstory: 

That's pretty much it then after the character is made you can name it and add more about it. 
So let's see how this goes~


1. :iconruffimutt: .: Done :.


Personality: (at least 3-5 traits)
Loves Harajuku/Decoden fashion
Rainbow AF

Gender: Female

Furry,Human, or a mimi (ex. kitsunemimi, nekomimi, etc. ): Furry

A Short Backstory: just your average girl with some extra sass

2. :iconthefineassofalaric:  .: Done :.

Violent/easily angered;
sweet to his father;
sarcastic/passive aggressive to others that he cares about;
intelligent but impulsive. 

Gender: Male 

Type: Human? Or whatever you think would best suit. 

A Short Backstory: Due to constant violent tendencies, his parents attempted to drug his food with medication that was promised to fix him. He was quick to pick up on it, though, and reacting in anger (of course) he ditched the home and from that point on, only ate food from his local bakery. The naive owner of the place eventually adopted him, seeing him as some kind of sweet little boy, and was his, as well as his new younger brothers, caring father from that point on.

3.  :iconmatthewandkatlayn:  .: Done :.

Personality: - Earthly Deity from the Beginning of Time
- Glowing With Northern Lights
- Healing and Caring
- Made People Become Human
- Evolved the world into something friendly and safe for everyone through everyone she has contacted via, evolving mindsets and letting the good of heart live.

Gender: Female

Furry,Human, or a mimi (ex. kitsunemimi, nekomimi, etc. ): A Deity
want it to be a certain animal)

A Short Backstory: She is a deity that comes to characters to give them advice once they injest a magical vine named after her(ayahuasca). People come to find many truths about life from her. Those who summon her one too many times  are told by her to injest the vine at the northern lights to be in touch many ancestors and spirits that once lived on earth. She is still capable of being contacted without the vine as she once let a boy having a heart attack live because he begged that if he survived, he'll start a moringa farming company.

She can become human when characters fail to convince people to change their ways. She can demonstrate the healing powers of plants to people she feels can have an ultimate impact. And upgrade mindsets and powers to something more living. She, however, has a desire to make animals stop consuming each other. As she is responsible for creatures being able to consume dead flesh. Which led to the current destruction of planet earth. So she uses her powers to grow so much edible plants everywhere for people and animals and change her rule of nature for good.





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United States
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